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We invite people interested in the business model we offer and everyone who want to set up your own business for telephone conversation and, if it is possible, for visiting us- you have an opportunity to learn very precisely the specifics of our activity.


It may seem that you shouldn't make business decisions at present time, but it can also be a very good moment. Our franchise does not require large financial outlays, and at the same time is stable and resistant to market turmoil. The investment associated with joining our network may be one of the few solutions that will help you protect your money. Conditions for new entrepreneurs proposed by our state after the current crisis will be very favorable as never before.


Although the inevitable impoverishment of society, parents still use the household budget for extra activities for their children because public schools are becoming less efficient every year. In present, unpredictable times, good and practical education acquires additional value.


Due to the current situation, we've increased the educational materials in our Google Drive cloud, tested the majority of available messengers and selected those that are most suitable for conducting online individual and group lessons. We have also prepared our e-galileo platform, where the first classes are already conducted.


We are looking for franchisees in Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Chorzów, Częstochowa, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Jarosław, Kalilsz, Kielce, Konin, Koszalin, Krosno, Lublin, Olsztyn, Opole, Poznan, Sopot, Sieradz, Warszawa (Bielany, Wola, Żoliborz), Wołomin, Wrocław, Zielona Góra and in all places where we do not have a branch of our company. We are also looking for master-franchisees throughout Europe and Asia.


Galileusz is tutoring school based on practice and partner approach to students, our philosophy is unique on a national scale. The establishment is very well and modernly managed and brings more and more profits every year (they can range from a few to several thousand zlotych a month and depend on many factors such as the number of inhabitants, market experience, fixed costs, competition, managerial skills of a person operating the branch of the company). This type of activity is resistant to market changes and "payment gridlocks". We are one of the few business sectors that give the chance of market survival and development in the current situation.

Galileusz offers a very wide range of educational servieces addressed to children and adolescents aged 6 to 21 years and thanks to this such activity can be profitable even in small towns. Some classes have a unique approach to learning and teaching, e.g. practical anatomy classes as a part of a biology lesson. All classes are conducted at the highest level, because the teaching staff are selected very precisely by the Head Office.
The proven and unique business model, willingness to market expansion and 20 years of experience of the founder of the company Leszek Lewandowski was a cause fore expanding the business through a franchise system.
Over the past seven years, we've created the largest network of such establishments in Poland. We havesigned 40 franchise agreements so far. We will create our own branches in locations where we will not find franchisees. We are going to expand into the European and Asian markets in the future.





1. Exclusivity of the franchisee on the given market.


2. Comon graphic design - logo etc.


3. One website based on the cms system (the possibility of making changes on the site without the participation of an IT specialist). The website www.galileusz.com.pl gives you the option of registering for online classes, fast Dotpay payments, has a panel that allows you to manage classrooms and lesson plan, teacher zone, newsletter and administration panel for handling cms.


4. Using a shared server (Galileusz is the owner), hosting, shared domain, dropbox platform, mail name.name@galileusz.com.pl or town@galileusz.com.pl


5. IT, marketing, graphic, administrative and substantive assistance in the field of business.


6. Didactic support e.g. in conducting practical classes, methods of teaching etc. .


7. Didactic materials in our online - library, e.g. studies needed to prepare the student for mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, foreign languages - exams. Our resources also include materials for preparing the Matura exam and eighth grade exams, experimental activity for children "100 experiments with Galileo", tasks for primary school students developing mathematical skills, which we own - the teacher's zone.


8. Assistance in conducting online classes. We advise on choosing the right platform and give you acces to our app. See


9. Assistance in the recruitment of new employees - teachers (presence at the recruitment).


10. Advertising campaign on the Internet: Google, Facebook and through the nationwide book on mathematics of the Galileusz Publishing.


11. One-day training we provide all the details about the business and disclose the secrets of Galileusz's success.


12. The franchisee receives an action plan (know-how) that allows him to achieve profitability in a very short time. In consequence, he will make much less mistakes than if he had started this type of business on his own.


13. Returns to scale enable our clients to find easier our company, e.g. visibility on the Internet, lower costs of business operations.


14. A beneficial contract for the franchisee (no penalties for withdrawing from the contract or hidden fees).

Send the application to the e-mail addresses and we will send you the initial conditions of cooperation (outline of the franchise package). The full package will include:

- franchise agreement

- operating manual/ user’s manual

- business model (information provided during the training)


For more information, please call 603 594 088 Leszek Lewandowski, 732 894 673 Marta Małecka, by e-mail leszek.lewandowski@galileusz.com.pl, marta.malecka@galileusz.com.pl, or by downloading the Galileusz information brochure. Download- English version


We also provide a general franchise agreement - download, which, compared to other franchise agreements, is very beneficial and safe for the franchisee (for more information please contact Leszek Lewandowski- 603 594 088, Marta Małecka- 732 894 673, or e-mail - leszek). lewandowski@galileusz.com.pl, marta.malecka@galileusz.com.pl





Own business activity, entry in the business register under number PKD 85.59.B, unpunishability, access to own or rented location – place of business (min. 2 lecture rooms), possibility to finance the project (min. PLN 4,000 + license fee).


The amount of the license fee in Galileusz franchise system (one-time fee)


 number of inhabitants
license fee (EUR)
 up to 20 thousand 3000 
 21-500 thousnad 4000
over 500 thousand 5000


The basic (monthly) fee is fixed and amounts to PLN 400 pre-tax. Its height is not dependent on the size of the city and the number of its inhabitants. The franchisee is exempt from the tax fee in the first month of operation and in the months of July and August.


In small towns (below 20 thousand inhabitants) it is possible to run a business in your own apartment. At the franchisee's request, we provide a design with room décor and equipment. The arrangement of the interior allows the room to be used for both business, educational and residential purposes.


Galileusz Łomianki on Dzień Dobry TVN See

Statement by our associate from the Galileusz Warszawa Centrum - Branch in the magazine "WłasnyBiznes FRANCHISING". See

A courageous video promoting Galileusz company See

Video of the day in Galileusz - an amateur film made by one of our students using a mobile phone - 2013 - See, 2016 - See, 2019- See

Photos from the 1st National Galileusz Symposium (June 2015) See

Photos from the 2nd National Galileusz Symposium (June 2019) See

Our business card at franchising.pl See


All phone calls are non-comitial. We assure you that you will not be harassed by continuous phone calls to sign a contract with us, because every decision requires careful consideration and cannot be taken through pressure from our side.


"Don't be afraid to step out of your seemingly safe scruples. Pursue a goal. Don't ask others about the success, if you know you are right. The beginnings are always difficult, many will discourage you from this rather difficult decision, but to achieve success sometimes you have to go against the tide. " - I did it. Leszek Lewandowski is the author of a nationwide book on mathematics and the owner of the Galileusz company.



Our Franchisees:

- Halina Michnik (Bielsko-Biała)

- Klaudia Mazurek (Biłgoraj) 

- Ewa Niedzielska (Bochnia)

- Beata Czyż (Częstochowa)

- Monika Michalska (Katowice) 

- Edyta Kapelka (Kłobuck) 

- Jan Abczyński (Kobyłka) 

- Przemysław Wróbel (Kraków) 

- Grażyna Milewska (Kutno)

- Arkadiusz Grzegorz Kołaczyk (Legionowo) 

- Agnieszka Żółtowska i Katarzyna Lubowiecka - Niewiadomska (Łomianki) 

- Agnieszka Pałaszyńska (Łódź)

- Agnieszka Pachoń (Myślenice) 

- Dominika Grzybowska (Nakło nad Notecią)

- Patryk Sadowski (Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki) 

- Ryszard Łukasik i Amelia Langer-Łukasik (Nowy Targ, Nowy Sącz)

- Dorota Kozik (Piaseczno)

- Iwona Brykała (Płock)

- Maria Czajkowska (Poznań)

- Agnieszka Idzikowska (Pruszków, Komorów)

- Agnieszka Wiśniewska (Radomsko)

- Elżbieta Bugalska (Rzeszów)

- Artur Olek (Szczecin) 

- Renata Konefał (Świdnik)

- Bogdan Kłyś (Tarnów) 

- Sylwia Kalkowska (Tczew) 

- Patryk Kisiel (Warszawa Białołęka)

- Elżbieta Bartkowiak (Warszawa Mokotów)

- Katarzyna Peńsko- Skoczylas (Warszawa Praga Południe)

- Patryk Kisiel (Warszawa Śródmieście) 

- Anna Ignasiak-Kołowiecka (Warszawa Ursynów)

- Agata Szymańska (Zielonka)

- Katarzyna Studencka (Żywiec) - new branch of the company 

- Leszek Lewandowski (Włocławek) - Head Office



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Egzamin ósmoklasisty 96% z języka angielskiego, 75% z matematyki i 82% z polaka. Wszystko z Galileuszem :)Dobre wyniki 5
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